Best Idli in Mumbai

It’s affordable and sells even more than hotcakes in India. Love for Idli Sambar never ends in India.

Have you ever wondered if a plain batter of Idli and urad dal could transform into an ecstatic dish that is both tasty and healthy? Idli is perhaps one of the best dishes that are great on the stomach of toddlers and old people. It is easy to digest, rich in natural fibres, and as it is naturally fermented, it is also good for the gut.

The taste of this dish is ecstatic when tasted with sambar and chutney. Though this is a south Indian dish, its love is experienced throughout the country, and across the world and Mumbai is a famous hub for Idli.


Idli is one of the most famous south Indian delicacies in Mumbai.

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Then while exploring Mumbai, if you are going to smell something delicious, get ready to dip into Mumbai’s most popular SriKrishna restaurant for something tasty like the best idli in Mumbai.

The soft idlis in South Mumbai are one of the most favourite south Indian delicacies, and it has a way of winning hearts with its sheer simplicity. There are varieties of idlis and other south Indian delicacies available in this restaurant. The Srikrishna restaurant offers the best Idli in South Mumbai and serves them with a variety of chutneys and sambar.

What Is Idli?

Idli is a type of rice cake that is famous in the Southern part of India. The cakes are cooked by steaming the idli batter in an idli pot. The idli batter is prepared from rice and fermented lentils. Although these little cakes are quite plain and taste just like any steamed pancake, a slight addition of sambar chutney and curry sauce gives idli a very delicious flavour. Unlike every Indian, Mumbaikers also love this dish and commonly eat it during breakfast as it is easy to digest and an ideal way to start a day.

How Did The Idli Originate?

Today, idli is widely considered a delicious speciality of southern India. Idli or kedli is thought to have arrived in India sometime between 800 and 1200 CE. It's also worth noting that the term "idli" has multiple possible meanings. Idli may have been derived from the word Iddalige, which appears in the Vaddaradhane, a Kannada work written by Sivakotyacharya in the year 920 AD.

It is widely accepted among historians that Sambar was created by Tamil monarchs in the mid-1700s. The eldest son of the Maratha monarch Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, is claimed to have invented sambar while attempting to make dal curry when his chef was away. By incorporating tamarind into the dal, he invented sambar.

What Is Unique About The Idli Served By Us?

Though the recipe is nothing but a simple rice cake, it is digested easily. It is cooked over steam and is ideal for travel. It is cooked without oil and is light on the stomach. It tastes awesome with sambar and chutney as sides. However, it has got its uniqueness. Don't you like to know?

Ingredients We Use In Our Idli

There are large varieties of idlis in Mumbai; the ingredients we add in the recipe are premium quality rice, dal, salt, fenugreek seeds, and water.


Variations of Idli Served At Srikrishna Restaurant

Many variations of authentic south Indian idli sambar are served at the Sri Krishna Restaurant in Mumbai, namely Rava Idli, rice idli, Idli with molgapodi, etc. Moreover, sambar served here is made of freshly ground coconut-spice paste and shallots, which further enhances its taste and flavour.

What you will more enjoy is a serving of fresh finely chopped onions, garnished with coriander leaves. This is another secret to ordering the best idli in Mumbai. The restaurant also offers home delivery of idli sambar.


The Ambience And Service

For idli lovers looking for soft idlis in Mumbai, The Sri Krishna restaurant is the best choice. The restaurant brags about extraordinary interiors and offers the best ambience for its guests. The steam, the flavour of the delicious idlis from the idli pot, and the soul-filling taste and aroma of lentil soup or sambar will make you taste the best steam idli in Mumbai. The fresh quality of food items served will ensure that the customers visit the restaurant over and over again for mouthwatering idli recipes.

We understand that the smoothness of the rice and urad dhal is the soul of this recipe, and hence we take a lot of care in preparing the batter without compromising on the smoothness, taste, and quality. We also make a lot of innovations in the recipe by adding vegetables, spicy powders, etc. The steamed Idli dipped in sambars and chutneys will work wonders in your mouth and will make you taste the recipe over and over again.


Paying Experience

If you are in Mumbai and looking to consume something that is easy on the stomach and is also tasting great, then head to Sri Krishna restaurant and taste the best Idli in Mumbai. The restaurant also offers a lot of discounts, deals and offers. The restaurant also accepts instant payments using debit/credit cards also UPI and helps tourists to place orders and make payments easily for tasting the best Idli in grant road.

Take the opportunity and taste the excellent South Indian- Origin Idli with authentic aroma and taste from Srikrishna restaurant. This is one of the best places to treat your family and friends with finger-licking and mouthwatering idli recipes.