Never miss the authentic aroma of Indian thalis in Mumbai


Nothing is more satisfying than having a menu and delicious lunch that is as satisfying and appetizing as a thali when you are in deep hunger after a hard day. In general, thali means a plate or a full meal. It refers to a huge platter on which different varieties of food are served in small portions. We could say that the thali is a highly nutritious meal that is balanced with the appropriate food types. You get to taste authentic south Indian thalis in Mumbai for both breakfast and lunch menu.

The thali system in Mumbai served at SriKrishna restaurant is quite famous for south Indian delicacies and in comparison to other restaurants is best in the city. The best feature of this thali is that it will be served on banana leaves and will typically include rice, sambar, rasam, papad, vegetable curries, and curd, along with a dessert.

Unlimited South Indian thali in Mumbai

Very few restaurants offer unlimited breakfast and lunch in Mumbai, combining the rich taste of different delicacies. The south Indian thali constitutes a selection of unique south Indian dishes and together they make up a complete meal. The unlimited lunch in Mumbai will comprise two dry vegetables, one veggie curry, sambar, fried dumplings or papad, pickle, and ofcourse one sweet dish.

What Is A Thali Meal?

The Thali refers to a metal plate over which, the thali meal gets served. The idea behind the thali meal is that it offers the six different flavors of food on a single platter, such sweet, sour, salt, bitter, spicy and astringent flavors on a single plate. the Restaurants generally offer a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis. The Madrasi thali in Mumbai is typically served on a banana leaf.

How Did The Thali Originate?

The Udipi thali in Mumbai comprises a large plate, over which the tiny cups are arranged at the edges. Each of these cups is filled with different dishes, with rice in the middle, and the entire menu is served hot. This thali system offering unlimited breakfast and lunch in Mumbai has its history in South India, and its history is more royal. They were generally served by the Kings and other royals.

What Is Unique About Thali?

The banana leaf thali in Mumbai is the best meal that seems to please the taste buds of all individuals. The thali meal is nutritionally well-balanced and it comprises food items that are available in diverse textures and flavors. It also prevents the emotion of overeating a particular food and thus helps achieve nutritional balance.


Variations of Thalis Served At Srikrishna Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic south Indian thali near me, then Sri Krishna Restaurant is an ideal choice. The thali gets served in authentic banana leaves and the service in this restaurant is highly professional and friendly. The restaurant serves both breakfast and lunch thali, which comprises small portions of breakfast and lunch menu served in small cups on a large platter.


The Ambience And Service

For idli lovers looking for the best south Indian thali in Mumbai, The Sri Krishna restaurant is the best choice. The restaurant brags about extraordinary interiors and offers the best ambiance for its guests. The steam, the flavor of the delicious idlis from the idli pot, and the soul-filling taste and aroma of lentil soup or sambar will make you taste the best south Indian thali in grant road. The pocket-friendly charges in this restaurant and the fresh quality of food items served will ensure that the customers visit the restaurant over and over again for mouthwatering and fulfilling meals and breakfast thalis.

The restaurant understand that the diversity in the food items and their quality makes the thali in our restaurant more special than other outlets. Thus, the staff take a lot of care in planning the thali menu without compromising on taste, and quality. This SriKrishna restaurant also make a lot of innovations in the recipe by adding new dishes and vegetable combinations. The thali served in the restaurant is also extremely appetizing and tasty, making you taste the Udupi thali in Mumbai over and over again.


Paying Experience

If you are in Mumbai and are looking to consume something that is easy on the stomach and is also tasting great, then head to Sri Krishna restaurant and taste the unlimited breakfast in Mumbai.

The restaurant also offers a lot of discounts, deals, and offers, served with an extraordinary taste. The restaurant also accepts instant payments using debit and credit cards, UPI etc and helps tourists to place orders and make payments easily for tasting the best thali system in Mumbai.

Take the opportunity and taste the authentic south Indian thalis in Mumbai with authentic aroma and taste from Srikrishna restaurant. This is one of the best places to treat your family and friends with finger-licking and mouthwatering thalis.